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    Going on 20 years of laser equipment, manufacturing, sales, and consulting

    Ron Kilgore, the CEO of SPDLasers and his associates have spent their careers in aligning the right tool for the right job and have worked with clients like Apple, Dell, HP, and more.   Specializing in laser equipment for nearly 20 years, SPD has the machines that can help you with most any type of laser application from marking to custom micromachining.

    The team Ron has built through his experience is the difference.

    Laser Cutting

    Automotive Manufacturing Plant

    Most clients select SPD because of the ability to solve problems with aligning the right machines for the job.   Often times there are multi-machine and multi-manufacturer solutions that provide a better result for his clients.   This experience has saved clients millions of dollars over the years.

    SPD services clients across the globe from its headquarters in Texas.  Applications have been completed in over 10 countries from the USA to Europe and Asia.   SPDLasers also has amassed a large network of highly skilled professionals from project managers to engineers, and manufacturers.   It is these resources along with Ron’s commitment to the industry that allows him to work with the right customers on the right projects.