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  • Our standard Laser cutting machine, GP-1812, is a general-purpose cost effective Class I laser cutting machine system that is easily expandable for welding, cutting, and marking applications. With multiple options, this workstation can grow and change with your company’s increased demand. The GP-1812 can be utilized as a development or production machine. This system has a fully integrated interface and was designed for versatility and ease of use. The control system allows access to all machine functions from the operator interface. The cutting machine can be expanded from a basic three axes up to twelve axes of motion. A range of different Fiber laser cutting machine types and powers can be integrated. It also allows the user to mount a variety of different laser nozzles and video/vision system cameras. With the multitude of options, this system can be specifically designed with your needs in mind and adaptable to specific job needs.

  • Laser Cutting Machines and scoring for high accuracy

    Laser cutting machines are an advanced technology which is mainly used for cutting and drilling it is been mostly used for cutting purpose. Cutting using laser technology gives high quality with high accuracy where no machine but laser beam or rays is used. After cutting or drilling using laser there is no need for rework or further cutting and drilling since it cuts and drills with high accuracy which is not possible in usual mechanical cutting and drilling process. Laser saves money and time by providing high quality in cutting and drilling with no need for further processing hence it is absolutely hassle free.

    Advanced laser technology controls the thermal zone where the heat is up in such a way it is being used in various industries for cutting and drilling with high accuracy and quality. Laser cutting and drilling maintains the demanded dimensions and measurements exactly which is a great advantage of our laser cutting machines. Cutting the materials like glass, ceramics and acrylic with 100 percent accuracy is possible through ultra short pulse laser technology using which the narrow cut and selective cut are possible.

    The usage of laser technology is increased in various industries and it is being used especially in the area of medical, industrial and production. The devices which we use in everyday life are designed using laser technique to achieve the uncompromising quality. Laser cutting is used many medical devices such as heart valves, stents and many other devices. Laser cutting and drilling is mostly used in the area of consumer electronics where the need for accurate drilling of micro holes is very high. The circuit boards and the glass over the smart phones we use are cut using laser technology. Today laser is being the most used technology to cut the glass and other materials with high accuracy so that the material fits and functions properly with the products.

    After understanding that the minute change in the cut and drills in the devices and products we use will change the quality of the product adversely which may not be known to the people but it will be against the industry standards of quality. To design, cut and drill, SPD Lasers assists the brands and companies ensuring high quality and high accuracy. SPD Lasers comprehends that the performance of the product will get affected if the cutting for the design and finishing is not accurate. Such loss in the quality will affect the market value of the product in the market and will affect the profit badly.

    SPD Lasers is skilled in laser technology providing laser cutting and drilling through which they help the brands to achieve their design goals with proper finishing. For this they contact the manufacturing engineers and designers to understand the requirement after which they prove their quality.

    The first step taken by SPD Lasers is to understand the design and manufacture requirements of the company that needs laser technology for better quality. After speaking with designers, manufacture engineers and process engineers they apply their laser technology skills that benefit the brand to have better quality.

    Laser cutting and scoring solution for you

    If you have laser cutting machines needs contact SPD Lasers that can help you to get best quality and accurate cutting using laser.