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  • Our Laser Drilling Machines, including the GP-1812 standard general-purpose system, is a cost effective Class I laser system that is easily expandable for welding, cutting, and marking applications. With multiple options, this workstation can grow and change with your company’s changing needs or increased production demands. The GP-1812 can be utilized as a development or production application. This system has a fully integrated interface and was designed for versatility and ease of use. The control system allows access to all functions from the operator interface. These systems can be expanded from a basic three axes up to twelve axes of motion. A range of different laser types and powers can be integrated. It also allows the user to mount a variety of different laser nozzles and video/vision system cameras. With the multitude of options, this system can be specifically designed with your needs in mind and adaptable to specific job needs.

  • Laser Drilling high precision

    Laser Drilling micro size holes has become easy through laser drilling and the necessity for drilling micro size holes is increasing like never before. The need for micro size holes is mainly in the printing field where the micro holes are in the ink jet print heads. Electronics used by the consumers in day to day life like headsets, light transmitting devices needs micro holes drilling and the fuel injection in automotive's also needs micro holes to be drilled.

    The micro holes are smaller than the diameter of the hair of human beings and not visible to the bare eyes. This is the reason that it is too difficult to drill such tiny holes using usual mechanical laser drilling techniques. Laser is an advanced technology which is used in various fields like medical, industry, instrumentation and engineering. One of the best uses of laser is focused cutting and drilling holes which is not possible using any mechanical technique. Laser uses light to drill micro holes without using any machine and the result of drilling is of high quality with high accuracy with no further processing.

    List of few drilling applications that needs high accuracy laser drilling

    • Cartridge used in inkjet printer
    • Indicators of automotive's that needs micro holes
    • Smoke detectors with micro holes
    • Food packaging with micro holes for venting air
    • Blue tooth devices and audio speakers and covers of speakers with micro holes
    • Fuel injectors and gasoline with nozzles with micro holes
    • Chemical sensors and electronic appliances with micro holes for indicator lights
    • Acoustic components and micro fluidic devices with micro holes

    SPD Lasers is aware of the problems and consequences in the quality sound equipment's and audio speakers that lack accuracy in micro drilling. Slight variation in the accuracy of the micro drilling of sound devices, the devices with liquid flow and the angle of light in lighting devices will change the quality. Change in the quality of the product that has many competitive brands in the market will affect the business of the brand.

    To achieve best design and best finishing of products that needs laser drilling and cutting applications, SPD Lasers helps the brands and the companies for all their laser technology needs. Initially the requirement of the applications produced by the brand is to devised then to achieve uncompromising quality SPD Lasers will discuss with engineers responsible for manufacturing then with designers and finally with the process engineers to understand the requirements exactly. After which SPD Lasers will start to put their skill to bring out the best quality with high accuracy.

    Drilling solutions

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