• Laser Interconnect Bonder

  • The Laser Interconnect Bonder IB-1284 was developed for one-of-a-kind purposes that entail remarkable reliability connections with larger conductors.

    The patented process utilizes a laser to weld flat ribbons and flex circuits in place devoid of the forces, vibrations and high temperature from ultrasonic and resistance welders. This method ensures flat ribbon connections with up to 100 times the dependability of round wires bonded with ultrasonics.

    Connections can be made to terminals that are mechanically too unpredictable for ultrasonic bonding.

  • This process offers multiple advantages such as:

    Does away with dirty weld tip issues that are common with resistance welders. Linear motors and high quality scales ensure fast, smooth motion with unprecedented accuracy and repeatability. High flexibility construction with five axes of movement (X, Y, Z, touch down and rotary) supply versatility of motion to control virtually any application. User programmable touch down and ribbon clamping powers enables the machine to operate a broad variety of ribbon sizes and operate on vulnerable and high current assemblies.

    This Class I enclosed system has a large 305mm x 203mm x 100mm work cover and a minimal floor presence.

    Computer managed solid state lighting provides the specific high dependability illumination necessary for each lighting requirement. The structure is inclusive with 4 vision cameras for sample detection, registration and process viewing.

    The machine’s PC based control system is very swift and easily tailored to the user’s application, as well as delivering data logging and QC functions for high reliability procedures.

    Vision and machine capabilities are chosen on the PC based control system and displayed on the computer screen.

    The easy to use Windows® based control system makes this flexible machine similarly friendly in both development and a production environments.