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    Our lasers incorporate a fully integrated laser control system that allows access to all machine functions from the operator interface. All vision and multi-axis part movement functions will be displayed and controlled on the operator interface. All part programs can be stored in the controller, system hard drive or optionally on a customer supplied factory automation computer (MES). Both the system and user interface are designed for versatility and ease of use in both development and production environments. The Energy Shaping™ hardware and software will be provided, allowing complete energy shaping of the laser power with a resolution of 2 µsec. The optional Pulse on Demand™ will provide for programmable weld spot spacing up to 5 axes of simultaneous coordinated motion.

  • A data acquisition system will be resident on the computer for data logging of process parameters and any system messages that occur. Optionally, the acquired data can also be stored on a MES system for traceability. Multiple logging levels will be provided to store the level of information that is required.

    Each application requires different laser applications and these are manufactured with minute differences to provide an appealing success for machining different products. SPDLasers has understood these specifications which are needed in the market and have proved to be more successful by rendering products to satisfy the customer needs. On this basis, laser based solution cannot be offered as a normal standard product. This needs a special team who will put special efforts in designing the laser solutions. SPDLasers is very clear in the production of laser products as industrial lasers in workstation may not suit the integration process if the umbilical of the laser is longer for the next application.